Tryouts 2020-21

We are looking forward to building our teams for the new season! Here’s how you get registered and schedule training sessions in the gym for the month of June!

1- Register for Tryouts on the Customer Portal! See this screen share for a step by step.

2- Complete the Tryout Survey: This gives us the information we need to make sure we have enough slots open for athletes in the right skill levels. CLICK HERE

3- Find your Athlete’s tryout group for in gym training sessions

4 – Register for your athlete’s training sessions thru the customer portal! Registering for tryouts gives you (2) in gym sessions per week, and unlimited zoom classes at home. Drop in to any additional classes for $10 in the gym.

5- Come on in! You can find more information about our policies surrounding our ReOpening, and our practices to keep our athletes and families safe at

Tryout Evaluations will take place in the gym 6/25-6/26. You will be given a specific time frame to come in for a 20 minute evaluation on one of those days.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Tara Ernst & Carol Anderson – Owners,

Michelle – Billing and account questions