Novice Team Information

Thank you for your interest in our NOVICE CHEER teams!

General Information:

Novice teams are perfect for athletes new to cheer, or with limited time or budget constraints.  Our novice teams will compete locally in Eastern Washington, and will not require hotel – stay travel.

Sign ups for Novice will take place in September.

Athletes interested in Novice teams are encouraged to participate in our cheer FUNdamentals program that runs from June – September. More information about FUNdamentals can be found HERE

Practices Times: TBA, most likely Thursday

Financial Obligation

Program Tuition Other Fees Installment Total
Team Monthly tuition Divided into 6 equal payments* Due on the first of October, November, December, January, February, March
Novice Teams $85 $67 $152

Important Dates and Performances


Choreography on Saturdays as needed, TBA

Parent meeting, TBA

31 – Closed Halloween



9  – All Gym Fall Showcase

10 & 11 – In Gym Clinics

27 – 30 Closed for Thanksgiving Break



TBA Performance Spokane Area

20-31 Gym Closed (Winter Break)



1 Gym Closed (Winter Break)

TBA Eastside,  Spokane

18 – Battle at the Lake, Moses Lake WA



Local Performance, TBA



Spring Break, Gym Closed

TBA – Spring Show