Our Story

Welcome to the new home of Washington Extreme Cheer and Dance!  While 2017-18 will be the first season of All Star Cheer & Dance wearing the WE logo, we have been training cheerleaders in the Inland Northwest since 2008 as Build It Athletix, and 2010 as Inland Cheer Empire.

After several years of competing together at local competitions, sharing visiting coaches, and merging summer camp for all star teams, we are excited to fully merge two strong programs together to create Washington Extreme Cheer and Dance.

Tryouts for the new season will take place May 8 – 10!

The colors and logo are changing, but the goals of both programs remain the same.  Our staff is made up of individuals who are PASSIONATE about cheerleading and dance.  WE are lifelong teachers who enjoy working with kids of all ages and ability levels.  No matter if your goal is to make your high school cheerleading team, learn a back handspring, double full, or gain a college scholarship, we are here to help you reach them!

The mission of Washington Extreme Cheer and Dance is to build successful athletes with confidence, strong character, and foster a passion for the sport of cheerleading and dance.  We teach the value of team work, sportsmanship, accountability, and developing skills while building confidence in a fun and safe environment.